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SL HSCP Management Structure

Management Structure

SL HSCP Management Structure Download Image (DOCX)

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comms awards brochure

A brochure documenting all finalists for the NHS Scotland Communication Awards

Comms awards finalists Download Image (PDF)

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Scotland's new health and social care standards

A letter notifying the Health and Social Care Partnership that new Health and Social Care Standards (the Standards) will be effective from 1 April 2018, replacing the National Care Standards.

DHSCI Letter - Scotland's new Health and Social Care Standards.pdf Download Image (PDF)

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Self-directed Support Newsletter


Self-directed Support Newsletter Download Image (PDF)

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Partnership SMT

Details and contacts for the Senior Management Team

Partnership Senior Management Team Download Image (PDF)

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Strategic Commissioning Priorities and links to national health and wellbeing outcomes

The priorities identified through public consultation for the last Strategic Commissioning Plan (2019 – 2022) can be viewed in this document

Strategic Commissioning Priorities 2019 - 2022 Download Image (PDF)

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Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022-25

South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board’s Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025 sets out the priorities for health and care delivery.

SLHSCP_SC Plan 2022-25 Download Image (PDF)

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Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025: Equality Impact Assessment Report (EQIA)

This report sets out how considerations of equality were central to developing South Lanarkshire IJB's Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025.

Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025 Download Image (PDF)

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