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Shared ambitions of local communities captured in health and care animation

Published: Monday, 06 June 2022

Shared ambitions of local communities captured in health and care animation

Shared ambitions for health and social care - expressed by communities - have been brought to life in a two minute animation.

South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board’s Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025 sets out the priorities for health and care delivery. The document has been developed with – and to meet the ambitions of – local communities. It also recognises the ongoing dedication of health and social care staff as well as partners.
The finalised document is now available to members of the public in hard copy and digital format – with the two minute clip summarising its essence. 

“The Plan is based on empathy, aspires to empower and has an ambition to elevate,” said Soumen Sengupta, Director of Health and Social Care. 
“In terms of empathy, we’ve taken time to listen and understand when devising the document. 
“Hard-won lessons and real-life experience of the last two years have been harnessed to frame this approach. We know – and we get – recent times have been exceptionally difficult.
“The Plan sets out how we will continue to support our communities and our people, whilst we keep moving forward and creating stability by doing things differently.
“We’ll build on what's strong, not what's wrong or simply falling back to what we did before.”
Mr Sengupta continued: “The Plan is also designed to empower. The quality of our relationships is fundamental. 
“We plan to empower staff and partners to work together – working across boundaries to strengthen and develop approaches – so we can collectively flourish.
“Finally,” said Mr Sengupta, “The Plan is rooted in an ambition to elevate. 
“Recent times have shown our Partnership can innovate at meteoric pace.
“In conversations to shape our Plan we were challenged to build on that - and cast off nostalgia for traditional models of care. Our ambition is to meet these aspirations with bold and stellar solutions.”
Lesley McDonald, Integration Joint Board Chair, said: “Over and above these three simple elements, a constant of our future directions is the continued expertise, compassion and focus of our staff and partners supporting the health and wellbeing of people in South Lanarkshire
“We are also focussed on ensuring our supports and services meet the needs of all diverse groups and communities – fairly.”
Notes to editors:
The full Plan is available to view here: https://www.slhscp.org.uk/downloads/download/72/strategic_commissioning_plan_2022-25
Hard copies can be obtained by emailing Colette.Brown@southlanarkshire.gov.uk or calling 01698 453447
The summary animation is available to view here: https://vimeo.com/689689109/cb5228bd69
The Plan identifies three key priorities which will shape the delivery of health and social care over the next three years and beyond. 
These are: 
•          Ensuring that early intervention, prevention (of ill health) and addressing inequalities are much more prominent across all service areas.
•          Increasing access to a greater variety of activities and supports that address mental health and addictions. 
•          Sustaining and improving day-to-day health and social care services, ensuring all services are working at their best and are accessible to our diverse communities.
The Plan, which was approved in March by South Lanarkshire’s Integration Joint Board, was informed by rich evidence and insights from a range of sources – including a comprehensive and in-depth public engagement process.   
A short animation was produced to explain the process https://vimeo.com/690537456

Considerations of equality were central to developing South Lanarksgire IJB's Strategic Commissioning Plan 2022 - 2025. Read our full  Equality Impact Assessment Report (EQIA)