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SLHSCP supporting WWF earth hour event

Published: Friday, 23 March 2018

SLHSCP supporting WWF earth hour event

Earth Hour is the global event inspiring millions to take action for our world.

In the UK this year, WWF is encouraging everyone to sign up for Earth Hour by making a promise for the planet.

Earth Hour is also about marking the moment in a symbolic way. Hundreds of millions of people across the world, and nearly nine million in the UK will all switch off their lights on Saturday 24 March 2018 at 8:30pm to show their support for a better world and make their promise to do more to protect it.

This year, WWF want you to make a simple change to your everyday life, such as carrying a reusable coffee cup, switching to a green energy supplier, or washing your clothes at 30 degrees or lower.

Your promise might seem fairly small individually, but millions of people taking these actions together will have a massive, powerful impact.

Val de Souza, Director of Health and Social Care SLHSCP said: “As a partnership we are committed to contributing to the delivery of Scotland’s climate change targets and we would encourage as many people as possible to join the earth hour event.

“Many hands make light work – and if we all make a contribution at local level, we can help make a difference on a much bigger scale.”

For more information on earth hour visit this link.