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'Fantastic' staff thanked for their work during winter pressures

Published: Monday, 22 January 2018

'Fantastic' staff thanked for their work during winter pressures

Health & social care staff have been praised as they met the challenge of increased pressure on services due to winter illness.

Clydesdale Health and Social Care Forum, the independent group of volunteers who provide community consultation and engagement on local services, described staff as “fantastic” after hearing examples of the work they have done so far amid a significant flu outbreak. 
Forum chair Bill Angus wrote to NHS Lanarkshire chief executive Calum Campbell to commend the work of the health board and South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership.
Bill said the forum’s January meeting was updated on the flu situation by members of NHS Lanarkshire’s health improvement team.
Bill added: “An open discussion then took place and there was an overwhelming mark of support from all members.
“Within acute and community hospitals, staff were fantastic and, as we are aware, not only clinical staff but many others mucked in.”
Bill explained that forum members shared examples of the excellent treatment given to those who had flu, and one lady described being looked after “in an exceptionally caring manner”.
He continued: “Within GP surgeries, many were open on Saturdays. Nurse practitioners were involved. In all the accounts, surgeries were excellent.
“Pharmacies were also in the front line and helped and advised many patients. Out-of-hours were highly commended for their care during this period and so many stories were positive in the way each patient was helped.
“Other areas within the partnership were also praised such as social work and South Lanarkshire Council.
“In all, at a holiday period where staff basically ‘got stuck in’, it helped this situation. Where else would employees of a national organisation go well beyond their remit to help reduce suffering for so many?
“Our forum would like to thank you and your staff.”
NHS Lanarkshire chief executive Calum Campbell said: “This tribute to the dedication of staff in these difficult circumstances will be warmly appreciated by all the colleagues who worked so hard together to tackle the challenge.
“It is gratifying to receive this recognition from the forum members, who volunteer to take a prominent and active role in shaping the delivery of health and social care services in their local area.”