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Val's blog September 2018


Three powerful words - amplified by four short films

“Improving people’s lives.”
Health and social care can often be a complex and challenging agenda but if we’re to distil it down to its very essence, these words offer a potent summation.
These three words are also amplified by four short films made by my colleague during a fact-finding tour to four people’s homes in South Lanarkshire’s respective localities. 
Four people living with very different challenges opened their doors – and their hearts – to talk about the very real and positive impact our staff and partnership are having on their lives.

In Clydesdale, we joined staff nurse Lisa McNab, left, to discover how Nanette Melvin is recovering at home – after dislocating both hips – with the help of Attend Anywhere.
The technology works on a similar basis to Facetime and is being used in communities, allowing patients and service users to receive specialist support without leaving their homes.
In Mrs Melvin’s film – she explains the no-hassle benefits of being able to link in with her physiotherapist and occupational therapist for a virtual consultation from her couch. This augments traditional visits and support.

In Hamilton, we met Bill Fletcher – who’s been equipped and taught how to self-monitor his blood pressure and texts his readings from home every day. Bill’s clip shows how the system has allowed him to maintain his active lifestyle, with minimal trips to the doctor’s surgery, and keeps his passion for football alive.


In Rutherglen Mrs Dolan’s passion for cooking hasn’t been dissipated either. We chatted to Mrs Dolan – who is recovering from a recent stroke – in her kitchen, along with home carer Linda Packer. Linda is working as part of the multi-faceted Integrated Community Support Team to provide care.